GT4 Asia Cup

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Motorsport Asia, in cooperation with the SRO Motorsports Group have come together to bring the rapidly expanding GT4 category to Asia, joining the GT4 European Cup and its franchise, the Dutch GT4 Championship.

The GT4 Asia Cup is aimed at large-production cars with a lower power/weight ratio than GT3 and features models such as the Aston Martin N24 and GT4, Ford Mustang FR500 GT4, Maserati Trofeo, Lotus Exige, Nissan 350z BMW M3 and many others.

In addition, given the interest and growing demand from smaller manufacturers for access to GT Racing, it was decidecd by SRO to introduce the Supersport category reserved for cars under 1000kgs for models such as KTM X-Bow, Lotus 2-11, the Doonkervort D8GT and Peugeot 207 Spider.

SRO have implemented a method of performance balancing to provide a level and competitive playing field amongst all the different makes to ensure close and exciting racing. Additionally, the GT4 Regulations provide a highly cost effective platform, with limited modifications allowed.

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