Zhuhai International Circuit, China

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18 Jun 2010 - 20 Jun 2010
Zhuhai International Circuit, China

Circuit Profile
It was completed in November 1996 and this 4.3 km long offers challenging corners for spectacular overtaking maneuvers to world class drivers. The clockwise direction circuit has 4 left turns, 10 right turns, 2 straights of 900m and 500m each. The 900 metre long main straight, as well as another straight in excess of 500 metres followed by sweeping corners offer a top speed of over 300 kph. The main grandstand can offer 12,000 covered seat and there are 50,000 additional seat for general admission. It is equipped with press centre where it can provide internet access to accommodate up to 200 journalists to transmit the news instantly, reaching the world.

Location: Tangjiawan Town, Northern Region of Zhuhai City

Direction: It takes not more than 2 hours drive from the city of the Pearl River Delta, 1.5 hoursĀ  drive from Guangzhou, one hour drive from Zhuhai Airport, 30 minutes drive from

Macau, Gongbei Customs, 30 minutes drive from ferry terminal, Jiuzhou Port and 20 minutes drive from downtown.
Airport: Zhuhai Airport, China

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