Final battle for JK Racing Asia Series’ first Champion

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It’s down to the to the wire for the final four races of the inaugural JK Racing Asia Series this weekend, at the Sepang International Circuit, where Austria will do battle against Malaysia.

It will be a fight to the end between the Austrian wonderboy, Lucas Auer and the mighty Malaysian Afiq Ikhwan who are both set to lay claim to the first ever JK Racing Asia Series Championship title.

The duo are backed by two powerful teams with a fierce rivalry.. Auer’s Championship fight is backed by the internationally acclaimed Eurointernational, a racing team with an eight year history of winning more than 100 races to date in Europe, America and now Asia. This will be the first Asian Championship for the team and they have found the perfect driver to lead them to the win.

For Ikhwan, the Malaysian is propelled into the limelight by one of Asia’s most powerful racing teams, Meritus.GP. The team has a 15-year history of Championship wins throughout Asia and have launched some of the biggest names in Asian racing onto the world stage. Meritus.GP was also the first Asian team to be given a slot to compete in GP2, a testament to their prowess.

The drivers themselves have shown their strengths throughout the season with Auer claiming four back to back wins at the start of the season and completing 13 out of 14 races so far on the podium. He only missed out on the podium in Singapore after having to change his front nose towards the end of the race after making contact early on..

Although leading the Championship heading into the final race weekend, Auer will have to be extra careful of his Malaysian nemesis. Ikhwan managed to put together a six race winning streak that began in Indonesia and continued through the Singapore F1 event before finally being beaten by Auer at the F1 Indian Grand Prix. His results have been mixed this season with dominant wins being clouded by less spectacular results.

Auer currently leads the JK Racing Asia Series by 32 points ahead of Ikhwan. With a total of 82 points available this weekend, the fight is still wide open..

Third placed driver, Nabil Jeffri of Petronas Mofaz Racing will also not make it easy for the leading duo. Fresh from his FIA Young Driver Academy selection, Jeffri is looking to end the season on a high, much like he started it.. He is really keen to end the season with at least one more win.. Although no longer in contention for the overall Championship win, he is still able to move up the ranks to claim second should he perform well this weekend. With his fitness level and spirits up, he is sure to be able to make it difficult for the top two on his home circuit.

Joining the three drivers this weekend are ten Series regulars including two new faces to the Series. Daniel Camish and Tan Wei Ron. Camish has been racing in UK Formula Renault whilst Tan is a PFX graduate who s just won the Malaysian Supersports Championship in a Lotus Exige.

Pasin Lathouras and Duvashen Padayachee are unable to attend due to previous commitments, which became a problem due to the recent date change.

The JK Racing Asia Series Rounds 15-18 were scheduled to be held at the Buddh International Circuit on 27th -28th November, but due to reconstruction work which was necessary following the F1 Indian Grand Prix, the organisers were forced to reschedule. Therfore, the final four rounds of the 18 Round 2011 Season wil now be held at the Speang International Circuit in Malaysia. Qualifying will be held at 11.10am on Saturday, 3rd December 2011 while Rounds 15-18 will all be held on Sunday, 4th December with the first race starting at 8.30am.

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