Friday, 09 October 2015
Race Excitement and Toys for children from T-Ratana and Titian Kaseh orphanages
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80 children from two orphanages were treated to some racing action yesterday during the Asian Festival Of Speed in Malaysia.

The children of T-Ratana Orphanage were picked up in a bus, taken to the circuit and participated in the pit-walkabout before joining in for the Opening Ceremony. The children got a chance to be right in the centre of the festivities when the organisers took out a box of toys, brought to Malaysia by the Supercar Club Hong Kong, and the GT Asia drivers started handing them out to the children.

They then posed for some photographs with the drivers from JK Racing Asia Series and the AFOS Angels before being led to the hospitality area for lunch.

The young children, the youngest being only four years old, from Rumah Titian Kaseh, were taken to experience the JK Racing Asia Series grid. They got a chance to touch the cars, see the drivers as they were getting ready for the race and to take photos on the grid.

“Every year the race organisers invite some youngsters from orphanages in Klang Valley to get a feel of the races at the Asian Festival Of Speed. This year, the generous Mr Chan from Fantastic Toys Manufacturer of Hong Kong, our very own Freddie Chen’s uncle, have kindly donated toys to be given to these young race fans” said Paul Yao, CEO of Supercar Club Hong Kong.

“It’s always a fantastic experience to have these young children from various orphanages with us at the circuit. We are only here in Malaysia once each year and last year I managed to spend some time with them during the walk and it was a wonderful feeling.

“This year we took one group to the grid for the JK Racing Asia Series whilst the other group joined us for the Opening Ceremony and with the kind help of the GT Asia drivers and our co-organiser, Supercar Club Hong Kong, we were able to give them some toys to bring back from the event for them to remember the day” said David Sonenscher, CEO of Motorsport Asia, organisers of the Asian Festival Of Speed. 

The Asian Festival Of Speed will head on to Sentul International Circuit, Indonesia on 23rd and 24th July with the JK Racing Asia Series and the Asian Touring Car Seies.


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